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SPP lives with her husband and her daughter in New Hampshire. She was born on January 1, 1953, to an upper-class Cambodian family. As a child, she was a classical dancer at the Royal Palace. In America, she has worked as an administrative assistant.


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"It’s good to let it out to me. I used to hold everything in until recently. I have been through extremely difficult stress according to my job and according to my past So I met one of the psychologists. After talking to her, I decide to let it out, everything, let it out. I have become more open. Instead of running away from it. I learned how to live with it. It’s not easy. Idi half of it. But sometimes I have been extremely lonely. I feel like I shouldn't be here. Somehow I feel like dying is just the answer for everything. Sometimes I feel like dying, just don’t care, I have the attitude to end everything. I don’t know the doctor. I went to church, he said, 'Take one day at a time,' but sometimes one day seems so long. I.. But my life goes on with the memory and a strength of love from my mother. Sometimes I feel myself 'I’m so stupid.' And I hear my mother’s words saying 'No you’re not. Just only a human being, and I know you can do it.' With each step, little by little, step by step, little by little. I don’t know if I will succeed or not I don’t know. Time will tell."

"Have you ever seen Cambodian dance, Cambodian classical dance? Have you seen the way they dance in Cambodia, the way they move? For each action, you have to listen to the time of the music. In our dance, you follow the music with your whole body. You let the music into your body by the way you move, the way you turn your hands, the way you turn your legs, your feet, and your hips. I mean your whole body is going in all of these positions."

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