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SeT is in her late seventies and was born in Perak Kroch village in Battambang Province. She lives in Massachusetts. Her husband is a Buddhist monk. She often lives in the temple as a Buddhist nun. Her parents were farmers and merchants. She was tutored at home; her marriage was arranged.

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"As for Karma, when we do good deeds, we will receive good deeds in return. I do not understand what happened to Cambodia. Karma is the deeds we did in the previous life to suffer such fate. When I think about it, I ask myself why did we have such Karma? The people say that everybody received the same Karma. Everybody had strife. Many people had hardship and died under the Khmer Rouge regime. Many people were taken away to be killed. We had hardship, but I cannot remember to understand why we survived and came to live here in America. We also had Karma but were able to come here where it is secure. We have grief and we have happiness."

"When my husband went to enter the monkhood, the head monk of the temple wanted me to sign a paper for him. He prepared a statement for me to sign and have my fingerprints on it. I took it to him before he agreed to have my husband enter the monkhood. If it were not for this statement of divorce, the head monk would not have agreed to do it…

I am delighted, very delighted. I don’t miss my husband. I think that I receive a lot of religious merits. I consider the religious merits as important. The merits measure 4 kabs, you see. I thought that I will receive a lot of merits. I let him enter the monkhood. I am happy. Then he entered the monkhood, things got easier for me. When I want to go somewhere, I am free to go there. It is easier for me to go anywhere."

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